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Ku Yang has been thinking of settling in the Philippines

I have Philippine ties, can I apply?

Today, Ku Yang wrote in with a few questions. Here is Ku's question: Hi Bob, my father was an American military officer of Korean descent and my mother was a Filipina who is of Chinese descent. I was born in the Philippines when my father is … [Read More...]

Edna is in Germany

Dual Citizenship for a German?

Today's e-mail brought a question from Edna in Germany. Here is Edna's question: I live here in germany for almost 8years and my question ist is it possible also to me to get this dual citizenship or its only for us/FIL.?Because i already … [Read More...]

Margaret has a question

My friend wants to apply for citizenship

I got a not from Margaret today. Here is Margaret's note: I have a friend in the US who wants to apply citizenship. His father has filipino roots but not a filipino citizen since he was born in the US. His mother is a filipina who is also now … [Read More...]

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