Am I qualified for Dual Citizenship?

We got a question from Mark today,

Here’s what Mark had to say:

hello, im really confused, i was born in the US but my parents are both Filipino, how can i apply for a dual citizenship here in the Philippines?
do i still need to apply?
i know i need it because i am already 19, and i cant get a job because of my citizenship, what are the requirements?
where do i go? what number should i call?
can i just go straight to the bureau of immigration here in the Philippines?

please help, im the only one fixing my citizenship and my parents are.. hard to reach.

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thank you so much!

Here’s what Bob had to say:

Hello Mark,

You do not qualify to obtain dual citizenship under the Philippine Dual Citizenship Law. However, you basically already are a dual citizen, assuming that at least one of your parents was a Philippine Citizen on the day you were born.

There are two things you can do now:

1. Let one of your parents file a “report of birth abroad” with the Philippine Consulate or Embassy serving your area.


2. You can go to the consulate with documentation proving the Philippine Citizenship of your parents, and you should be able to obtain Philippine Citizenship too.

Good luck to you.


  1. Arindam Banerjee says

    Hi Bob,hope u are doin well
    I am a indian seaman married to a filipina.I understand that if i aquire a filipino passport then i have to denounce my indian citizenship,i dont want to do that. Regarding 13a resident visa i have a couple of questions
    First, after i get a resident visa can i come back to philipines anytime i want that is after completion of my work on ships that is 6-7months?
    Second,for how much time is a resident visa valid for and does it required to be renewed after a certain period of time or i leave philipines and are there any other alternatives so that i can stay with my wife for 3-4mnths after returning from the ship.Your help will be highly appreciated thanks.


    • says

      Hello Rico – Yes, India does not allow for dual citizenship, so if you were to become a Philippine Citizen you would have to renounce your Indian Citizenship.

      After you have completed the process of getting your Philippine Resident Visa, yes, you can come and go as you need, it should nto be a problem.

      The resident visa is good for life and never needs to be renewed.

  2. Mar says

    Hello Bob, Good day!
    I am a 21 yr old US citizen and my parents are both filipinos but my mother got her US citizenship through naturalization. I’m pretty sure I’m qualified to obtain a dual citizenship but I don’t know where to start. If ever I go to the consulate do i have to have both of my parents proof of Philippine citizenship? or can I just provide either my father/mother’s documentation?
    Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Mar – If your mother was a Philippine Citizen on the day that you were born, you need your mother to file a late report of birth abroad, and your Philippine citizen will then be recognized and you will be a dual citizenship. If she had already undergone naturalization on the day you were born, then you are not qualified for Philippine Citizenship.

      • Mar says

        Thank you for writing back quick Bob,
        I understand what you are saying but my father is filipino, so that still qualifies me to have dual citizenship or not?

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