Can a dual citizen run for office?

I got an interesting question from Romeo today.

Here is Romeo’s e-mail:

Can a dual citizen have the rights  to run for a political position (office) in the Philippines?

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Hello Romeo, thank you for writing with your interesting topic.

The answer to your question is quite simple.  In short.. yes, with one exception.  A dual citizen can indeed run for political office in the Philippines, except for the office of President.

So, Romeo, are you thinking of running for office?

Is Romeo running for office?

Is Romeo running for office?

Addendum:  Upon further research, based on an offline discussion with Ron Speers (who commented below), I found that my answer is not 100% correct.  Under the Philippine Dual Citizen law, if a Philippine Dual Citizen wishes to run for political office in the Philippines, at the time that he files his CoC, he must renounce his foreign citizenship.  I hope this clears up this matter.


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          Read here.

          Be sure to check page 56, Number 2, which reads:

          (2) Those seeking elective public office in the Philippines shall meet
          the qualifications for holding such public office as required by the
          Constitution and existing laws and, at the time of the filing of the
          certificate of candidacy, make a personal and sworn renunciation
          of any and all foreign citizenship before any public officer authorized
          to administer an oath;

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