Can I be a Filipino Citizen, but maintain my Australian Citizenship?

We got a question from Michael today,

Here’s what Michael had to say:

I am an AUSTRALIAN born citizen of AUSTRALIAN BORN PARENTS is it possible for me to obtain FILIPINO citizenship allowing me to live in the Philippines as I would too & also maintain my AUSTRALIAN citizenship as well ..?

Here’s what Bob had to say:

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No, Michael, that is not possible. The Philippine Dual Citizenship law only applies to people who are former citizens of the Philippines. Because you are not a former Philippine Citizenship, you cannot avail.


  1. Philip says

    Hi Bob how are you and your family hope they are well just reading about the aussie asking about dual citizenship, just further to that what about becoming a dual Resident is that legal and possible can you be a Resident of both countries?

  2. chuck schultz says

    Hello sir….
    i have been living back and forth between usa and philippines since 2007. I thought by now thati would have aquired permission to stay and permission to own land. I have yet to visit a lawyer. Any suggestions. ? Note. I keep running into foreign guys who are dumped by their philipina wives who have taken o ver any house,business,or property.

    • says

      Hi Chuck – I am not sure of your marital status, but if you are married to a Filipina, you can easily get a visa to stay here permanently. If you are not, it is a bit more difficult and costly.

      Permission to own land? You can never get that unless you become a Philippine Citizen. The Philippine Constitution specifically prohibits foreigners from owning land in the Philippines. The only way you will ever be able to own land here is if you become a Philippine Citizen.

      • says

        Sir…I subscribed and read your excellent explanation on citizenship..I have been married to a Filipina for over 25 years..We married in Cebu City on 1 Jan, 1987 (lost the marriage deduction due to a typhoon but that is another story)..My Wife is an American Citizen..but is not a dual citizen..Since my wife is a prior Citizen of the Philippines would I be able to become a dual citizen even though my wife has no desire to do the same..Thank you Robert and I enjoy the questions and your explanations on this site.. Robert Sutherland – Sarasota, Florida usa

        • says

          Hi Robert – Unless you are a former Philippine Citizen, then the answer is no. Foreigners like you and I are not eligible to be dual citizens. We can become Philippine Citizens, but in order to do so we must renounce our US citizenship.

  3. Philip says

    Good Evening Bob,
    thank you for your reply, just reading Chucks entry about the wives dumping their husbands sounds a bit scary but that happens everywhere would’nt you agree, although it does worry me a bit when you hear all these accusations about the women there. I have spoken to quite a few here and I think they are beautiful people, they do seem very genuine and loyal to their husbands here in Australia and the couples I have met have been together for some time. I think what Chuck said can happen in any relationship no matter what race or culture but I don’t know why there are so many bad comments relating to this subject. It appears if you buy a house or build one there for your spouse it has to be in her name and if you have a business locally it has to be in her name that is one that only relates to products in that country, but I am not sure I know you have a wealth of knowledge of this subject and have been most helpful to me on my many requests of information. It does appear though unlike here everything must go in their names which could be a worry if you did end up seperating???? I would like to know the attrition rate of marriages failing between Western Men/Women and Philippine Men/Women, I know the ones here have lasted longer then some Western couples by far. Any way take care there Bob was good to hear from you.

    • says

      Hi Philip – Yes, I understand the concerns. Of course, there is no law that says you must buy a house or a business in the Philippines! Like me, I rent here in the Philippines, because rent is very cheap here, and it does not make economic sense to purchase a home. I do not do that because I don’t trust my wife, it is because renting is what I want to do. My wife and I have been married now for more than 22 years.

      I do not know of any hard statistics about this, but I do know that in my years since marrying here, I have known thousands of other westerners who have married in the Philippines, and the vast majority were legit. A few have broken up over the years, but by far a better rate than western marriages.

      Good luck to you, Philip!

      • Philip says

        Good Morning Bob thank your email I think you are right about the statistics
        I used toplay golf here for quiet a while and at the club I counted 15 western marriages break down and end up in divorce which is sad as some of them were good friends anyway it must have been catching because it passed onto me after 30 years of marriage and also my brother who has been married 3 times and is looking to further that I guess? I know I have a friend over there and she informed me today that her properties where she and her families are
        living are going to be demolished which is very sad a confusing to me, her sister and her informed me that they are on Government land and that they have to move I can not follow this because it is strange if you pay the rent you not have to move but must be different laws over there I guess. Her parents live in the mountains and that appears normal I guess my family are over there now and I want to come there as well I do get worried when she informs me of these changes, I sent her some jewlery from your store to make sure she did exist and she wears it so that part is true and she talks to my family here.
        I am concerned she asked me to build her a house the other day???? I said I am not sure about that but also she keeps saying she works seven days a week then she dissapears into the mountain every week to visit her parents so I get confused with all this if you understand. I have known her for 7 months and she has never asked for money up until now which shocked me a little just aksing for some advice on this as you have some local knowledge she lives in Ormoc.
        My ex Western wife took everything so I am used to that part but do not want to get burnt again like that in life. All the ladies I have met here seem very nice and genuine as does she just some strange happenings at the moment there it seems. Take Care Philip

        • marge says

          Hello! everyone.

          Philip if you have some doubt about her, you can make some background check about your friend (either thru some friend or you hire somebody to check her real life situation over there)… and maybe don’t give any penny unless you already met her and you are sure of yourself that she’s the right person for you.

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