Bob Martin, Site Owner
Bob Martin, Site Owner

Philippine Dual Citizenship is a site to provide you with information and answers on reacquiring your Philippine Citizenship.  If you have questions about dual citizenship in the Philippines, we hope that we can provide the answers that you need.

However, we do wish to point out that you should not consider this site to be the ultimate resource on the topic.  I am not an attorney, and the answers I supply should not be considered to be authoritative.  However, I have been exposed to information on the topic of Philippine Dual Citizenship since the law’s inception, and I feel that my answers are accurate.  But, it’s always best to remember that I am not an attorney or trained in any way in the law, especially not in Philippine law.

Philippine Dual Citizenship Guide

Please enjoy the site and use the information here in your quest for answers on the topic of Philippine Dual Citizenship.  If you have questions, feel free to ask.  If you have a comment on any of the questions listed on the site, feel free to leave your comment!

Take care, and good luck with your quest for dual citizenship!