Do I fall under the requirements to be a Dual Citizen?

We got a question from James today,

Here’s what James had to say:

Hi there, im an 18 year old australian/ filipino my mother is filipino born here, whilst my father is born in australia.
i am now 18 years old and in cebu on a tourist visa and was wondering do i fall under the requirements to apply for dual citizenship, i am born in australia.

Here’s what Bob had to say:
No, you don’t exactly qualify for dual citizenship. Truth is, though, you are already a dual citizen! If your mother was a Philippine citizen on the day you were born, regardless of where you were born, then you are a Philippine Citizen.

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Since you were born in Australia, the only thing you need to do is to register your citizenship by having your mother file a late report of birth abroad with the Philippine consulate that serves the area where you were born.


  1. Chris Davidenas says

    How do I obtain my Philippine Citizenship? I was born in the Philippines and was adopted at the age of 10 and became a US Citizen. Would I be able to get a Dual Citizenship and If I qualify, how do I go about obtaining the Philippine Citizenship

    • says

      Yes, I believe that you qualify for Philippine Dual Citizenship, given that you were formerly a Philippine Citizen. The application process, all of the procedures, and a list of all that is required in the way of paperwork and such is included in our book, Philippine Dual Citizenship. The book is only $9.99 and can be downloaded immediately upon making payment. Good luck to you.

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