Do I have the right to be a Philippine Citizen?

We got a question from Christine today,

Here’s what Christine had to say:

Hi Bob,
My name is Christine. Both my parents are Americans,and they are
missionaries to the Philippines. So I was born in the Philippines,
palawan., but I am not a Filipino citizen. I was wondering if you know
of a way that I can get a Filipino citizenship? I am 18, and I want to
live in the Philippines, but it is very expensive and a lot of work
handling visas, passports, icards. etc. Was just wondering if you
might know any possibilities of getting a Filipino citizenship since i
was born in the Philippines.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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Here’s what Bob had to say:

Hi Christine,

Sorry, but although you were born in the Philippines, you have no path to Philippine Citizenship. Philippine Citizenship is passed by the blood, not by the soil

you were born on. Because neither of your parents were Philippine Citizens, you do not have a right to obtain Philippine Citizenship.


  1. says

    I was born in the USA in 1962. My father who was in the Navy is filipino but become an american citizen, my mother who is also filipino but still filipino citizen when I was born. I live in the Philippines when I was 5 years old until I graduated from high school at 17 years old. Do I qualify to apply for dual citizenship.

    • says

      Hello Rodney – It depends. If your parents (one or both) were still Philippine Citizens on the day you were born, then you qualify to be a Philippine Citizen. Since you say your mother was still a citizen,then you qualify.

  2. wynn pentecostes says


    I am a full blooded filipino who is an american citizen. I was born in Manila and would be interested in becoming a dual citizen, what is the plan of action into becoming one? thanks.

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