Do I Pay Taxes?

Today we got a comment and question from Eliseo Ramos.

Here is what Eliseo had to say:

Stuffed Animal Delivery in the Philippines

Taxation wise, what are my obligations if i convert to dual citizenship? Do i pay taxes to both USA and the Philippines?

And here is Bob’s response to Eliseo:



I don’t know enough information to be able to answer, eliseo. Where do you have citizenship? Where do you live? Where do you work? Where is the location that pays your salary?

Thank you for visiting, Eliseo.


  1. Lailani says

    I am determined to be w/ my husband in the Philippines. Due to unfortunate circumstances, we were torn apart.

    I would like to know how am I able to find a job in the Philippines (Manila). I am an American Citizen and do not know much about finding employment there.

    Thank you.

    • says

      Hi Lailani,,

      You left a comment on my Philippine Dual Citizenship site asking about getting a job in the Philippines, so I am sending along this information to you.

      If you are interested in living in the Philippines, but you need a source of income, getting a job here is generally not the way to go. Firstly, most companies are not looking to hire foreigners. Secondly, you probably won’t want to work for the kind of wages offered here, usually only a few dollars per day.

      To help out people like you, I have written a book called “49 Ways to earn a living in the Philippines” and I cover ideas of all sorts on how you can earn a good living while living in the Philippines. I have been earning my living here since 2000, and I earn more money now than when I lived in the States. So, I know that I can help you do that too!

      To check out the book, go to:

      Check it out today, I am sure that this is what you are looking for, if you want to live in the Philippines!

  2. maria nadal says

    i am a green card holder in US who has two children living on the philippines. Being that they were born with a filipino mother and US citizen father, does that give them an automatic dual citizenship? Do I still need to pay the fine because my kids are lives in the Philippines? Help!

    • says

      Hi Maria – Not sure exactly why you are posting this… you e-mailed the same question to me several hours ago, and I answered.

      Well the fact is that they do NOT automatically have dual citizenship by birth.

      If your husband (as the Philippine Citizen) filed a report of birth abroad with the Philippine Consulate or Embassy in the USA at the time of your children’s birth, then they are dual citizens. If he did not file the report, then your children, at this time, are US citizens only.

      If your husband did not file the report, then he still can file it. However, any penalties for overstaying up until the time the report is filed and approved will be due.

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