Do schools charge more for US citizens?

We got a question from Kevin today,

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Here’s what Kevin had to say:

I have a question maybe you can help me. I’m getting dual citizenship
for my wife Jaycee and also my daughter KayceeAnn. The Embassy here in
NY is saying that my daughter can only get dual citizenship now, when
I apply for Jaycee’s or when she is 18. So we are getting both now.
They say if KayceeAnn doesn’t have RP citizenship when we are there, I
will have to pay more money to send her to school there. Is the price
of school much more for her if she is only a US citizen?

Thanks Kevin

Here’s what Bob had to say:

Hi Kevin,

Nice to hear from you, I hope you and the family are doing well.

The schools here know that our kids are not Philippine Citizens, but they pay the same tuition as everybody else. I don’t think that the Consulate is giving you the proper information.

Good luck!


  1. Roland says

    FYI, Some schools in Metro Manila charges extra fees for foreign students… I think University of the East charges an extra Php10,000

      • Roland says

        Actually I’m not sure, but I googled it, and found some discussion and they say it’s $10000 for UE, $6000 for FEU, etc. If you visit UE’s website, they do mention the $175 and $75 fees (processing fees) plus you would need to apply for a student visa.

        • says

          My experience is that most Philippine schools do not charge extra tuition for foreigners. I have 5 kids in school, and this is my experience. Perhaps there are a few who do, but that is not my experience.

          • Roland says

            But you are married to a Filipina, and so the kids are dual citizen, meaning, they are Filipino. Which in all intents and purposes means, they are not considered foreign students hence no additional fees. The question was if they are not Filipino citizens, do they pay more. And as far as I know, even when I was still in school, most foreign nationals had to pay extra fees on top of the actual tuition.

          • says

            I am sorry, Roland, but you are incorrect. My kids were never dual citizens until a few months ago. Every year, they had to submit special papers because they were foreign students, but did not have to pay more. My kids are now dual citizens, though, and no longer need to do this.

  2. Theresa says

    I went to the University of the Philippines for my bachelor’s degree. Of course as a national university, foreigners do pay extra to study in U.P. I think Roland is referring to college students, mainly in Metro Manila.

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