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Philippine Dual Citizenship Guide

Do you have a question about your Dual Citizenship status?  If you are unclear on how your situation affects your eligibility for Philippine Dual Citizenship, or are just questioning anything about the process, please send us your question.

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After we receive your question, we will answer your question here on the Philippine Dual Citizenship site, and within a few days from when you ask the question the answer will be here waiting for you.  I am sorry, but we do not answer questions via e-mail, only here on the site.  The reason that we do not respond to you via e-mail is that if you have the question, there are likely many others who may have the same question and can benefit by seeing the question and the answer right here on our site.  We hope you understand.

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So, please fill in the form below with your information and the question that you need to have answered.  We will do our best to provide you with factual information so that you can move forward with your application for Philippine Dual Citizenship.