Fil-Ams invited to attend Global Summit Town Hall Meeting

Filipino-American invited to attend the Global Summit.

Asian Journal brought us the story:

The summit will also discuss the Overseas Voting Act and the proposal to repeal the 3-year covenant to return. You will also know the value of Dual Citizenship and reacquiring Philippine citizenship. Other topics to be taken up at the Summit will be the “Dunong Bayan” and the value of exporting US acquired experience of Fil-Ams to the Philippines; and an overview of the Global Summit in Manila this coming September.

Philippine Dual Citizenship Guide

Read the rest of the story at Asian Journal.


  1. says

    I am a natural born citizen of the US..My wife is from the Philippines & became a US citizen. She is now in the Philippines & wanting to get a dual Citizenship while there..How long does it take to get the dual citizenship does she need to stay there until she gets it? Or can they mail it to her here in the US? Thanks

    • says

      Hi Terry – The amount of time it takes depends on where you apply. My wife applied in June of 2011 in Davao, and she was approved in March 2012, so it took nearly a year. Other places will vary. You cannot have it mailed to the States. I would recommend just applying in the USA, where it is actually much quicker. Apply at any Philippine Consulate or Embassy.

  2. Perla F says

    Bob, when is the Global townhill meeting? Are we allowed to ask questions? If yes, I would love to ask a question based on my situation…

  3. says

    Hi Bob my name is Joseph S . I ask you how do I get immigrant visa for the Philippines ?Because I am moving there this August 1 2014. I ask you can you give me the web sites that I can get from you please that has this immigrant visa forms please ? So that I can stay in the Philippines for permanent residency in the Philippines .

    • says

      Hi Joseph – I need to ask you a question and get the answer before I can answer your other questions. That question is… are you married to a Filipina? The answer to that will make it clear to me what your options are.

    • says

      Hi Joseph – After your marry, wait until you have a certified copy of your marriage certificate. After you have that, you qualify for a 13a resident visa. Just apply at the Bureau of Immigration. For a full detailed article about how to get the 13a Resident Visa, read here. Be sure to read all of the comments because there is a lot of newly updated information in there.

  4. says

    bob ? how long will that take for she and i to get that marriage certified copy ? and can i get there just on a passport only ? and how long do i need to wait for that 13a resident visa ? and how much will it cast me ? and do i only need to do this 13a resident visa only one time or every year or every few years ?

    • says

      You should have it within a couple of months, I would say, Joseph.

      Yes, you can enter the Philippines with nothing but your passport, you will get a 30 day automatic stay, which can be extended every 2 months up to a total of 16 months.

      The other information you asked is included in the article that I linked to. Did you read it? Did you read the comments?

      The 13a will have to be done twice. The first one is a 1 year provisional visa. After that, you re-apply to remove the provisional status and it is then good for life.

  5. says

    but i only want to move there to be a permanent stay in the Philippines for permanent residency in the Philippines . will the women i marriage there will she know this what u said to me ? so i do not need a immigrant visa to move to the Philippines for permanent residency like some other websites say to me when i call them up on the phone ?
    but you did not say how much it will cast me every time ?

    and how much will this 1st year provisional visa cost me ?
    and how much will this 2 second year to remove the provisional visa status will cost me ?

    i did not get no link that you sent me .
    i ask you to resend to me the web link in this chat only pls ?

  6. says

    ok bob thank you so much for the info that you took the time find for me and sending me the web link i under sand it now but i had my ipad to read it for me on that website so that i can understand it and i do understand .thank you so much bob and GOD BLESS YOU and yr family always in every way always.

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