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Today we got a comment and question from Boss.

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Here is what Boss had to say:

Hi Sir Bob, my wife wants to give birth to our third child in Australia, which of course would him/her an Aussie citizen. Yet, we will be coming back to live in the Pines. Does that mean my new born child will have to wait ten tears before it will become a Pino citizen? Will the child be on a tourist visa for ten years?

And here is Bob’s response to Boss:

Filipino-Australian citizen

Filipino-Australian citizen

Your child will be a dual citizen, Boss. All you have to do is file a paper with the Philippine Embassy in Australia and your child will automatically get his Philippine Citizenship due to the fact that his mother is Filipino.

Thank you for visiting, Boss, and congratulations on your third child.


  1. Boss says

    Extract from the text above….
    On the other hand, a former natural-born citizen of the Philippines, who was born abroad, shall submit the original copy of the Report of Birth…..

    You make any sense of this?

    • says

      Your child would not be a “former natural born citizen” of the Philippines, because he never was a citizen of the Philippines. He is an Australian citizen because he was born in Australia. If you file a paper (the Americans call it a report of live birth abroad, I don’t recall what the Philippines calls it) with the Embassy, he will be given Philippine citizenship instantly by way of the citizenship of his mother.

  2. Melissa says

    Good morning, i want to ask a question, i am a filipino citizen and i am married with an australian citizen. I gave birth on my son here in the philippines and we apply for philippine passport already, and while we are here in the philippines we apply his australian citizenship. do we still have to apply for his dual citizenship or heis automatically australian and filipino citizen? Please help me with this it is too confusing.

  3. Fuglybear says

    I have to ask myself, why does she want to have the child in Australia?
    I’m just a bit suspicious because of the difference in divorce/annulment laws between the Philippines and Australia.
    How much are you prepared to risk loosing, 75 to 80% of your superannuation, your house if you are living in it and she gets an AVO taken out against you.
    Immigration may be aware of the “Russian Bride” act, but I guarantee the Family Court will still let her have most of your possessions including a large part of the pension you may be receiving.

  4. Fuglybear says

    The “Russian Bride” act is something that some immigrant women pull in Australia.
    A man meets and marries a foreign woman and he sponsors her visa to Australia.
    Everything is fine until she gets Permanent Residency in Australia, then they have a party to celebrate her getting Permanent Residency.
    At the party she acts like a tramp with someone and the husband responds violently by either attacking her or the man she is cavorting with.
    The police are called, he is arrested and she gets an Apprehended Violence Order taken out against him, he now can not go near her or he will be arrested, he can not even enter his own home because she is living there.
    Because he sponsored her visa he is responsible for all social security (CentreLink) payments she claims for 10 years and she has his house as well, which if he has a mortgage on it, he still has to pay.
    If she divorces him she will get, his house, a large chunk of his superannuation and child support if they had any kids.
    The Australian Immigration Department is aware of this practice and have started cancelling some visas and even deporting the women but not their children, so the father if he’s lucky can still keep his kids.
    But the Family Court are still giving these predators a lot of the husbands assets before she is deported.

    This happened to a friend of mine in the Army, unfortunately he also liked to dabble with recreational drugs and she told the Army, so he lost his security clearance and was discharged from the Army.

  5. Elna says

    Im filipino citizen..and i born my child here in canada..i want my child to have dual will i do that here in canada?..and in case i get my child dual citizen..what about the passport of mychild? Will it become 2 passport? one canadian and one filipino passport? What if we go home phils, will i get problem of having my child with 2 passport?…


    • says

      You should file a report of birth abroad with the Philippine Consulate or Embassy that serves the area where your child was born. Once you do that, your child will be recognized as a Philippine Citizen, and will be a dual citizen. He wil have two passports. You will not have any problems because of that.

  6. Chloe Mariel andrada says

    Hi I’d like to ask if I’m a Filipino born here in Philippine and I’m already a Australian citizen and I’d like to go to Australia alone I’m 17 years old do I need to get a Philippine passport?

    • says

      I would recommend having both passports if possible. If you don’t have a philippine passport, when you return to the Philippines you will be classified as a foreigner.

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