How can I get dual citizenship for my 3 year old son?

Jenny sent in a few questions today.

Here is what Jenny had to say:

how can i get dual citizenship for my son, 3years old ? because my son is studying in the philippines now.. He’s a korean.. and how long can we get that citizens if ever? thanks and hoping for your immediate response.. God Bless !  i am a filipino. i dont have my korean citizens until now.My husband is korean and my son was born in korea. thanks!

Hi Jenny,

Korea at night

Korea at night

Thanks for writing with your questions.  Actually, your case is very simple.  Since you are a Philippine Citizen, and were a Philippine Citizen at the time of your son’s birth, all you need to do is contact the Philippine Embassy in Seoul.  Tell them that you need to report the birth of your Filipino child in Korea.  They will have a form for you to fill out, and after you file that, your child will be a dual citizen.  It should not take long, perhaps you can even be finished in one day.

Philippine Dual Citizenship Guide

Good luck to you and your son, Jenny.


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        hello sir good evening.i have 2 children living here in philippines now .i gave birth both in korea and my husband is children have only korean problem is we will staying here for good but they are can i get their dual citizenship while im here in philippines.?

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    good evening sir bob.actually my problem is same as with jenny but i have 2 children living here now in philippines with me and my korean can i get them a dual citizenship here in philippines ?we stayed here last july 16 ,2013.we stay here for good.,thanks!

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