How Long does it take to get a dual citizenship?

Philippine Dual Citizenship Guide

Today we got a comment and question from Lesther.

Here is what Lesther had to say:

Hi Bob. I’m Lesther, currently here in US. I’m US citizen already. I’m gonna apply for my dual citizenship as soon as I get my US passport. That’s 6 weeks from now coz I just applied for a US passport yesterday. I’m gonna apply in LA to be exact. My question is how long does it take/process to get a dual citizenship?
If I’m a dual citizen already, I can go to abroad freely right? Like Italy or Hong Kong as a tourist. So in that case, what passport should I use?

And here is Bob’s response to Lesther:

Philippine Dual Citizenship Guide
How Long does it take to get a dual citizenship?

How Long does it take to get a dual citizenship?

Hi Lesther – Congratulations on obtaining your US Citizenship! You should be proud of that accomplishment. At each Embassy/Consulate it is a bit difference. I have heard that in some location the process only takes an hour or so and you receive your dual citizenship on the spot. At other locations it takes longer, though. My advice would be to give the LA Consulate a call and I am sure they will be happy to tell you what to expect at their location.
For most countries, they will not let you enter on a Philippine Passport, unless you have a Visa. Many countries will allow you to enter on a US Passport without a Visa, though. So, probably in most cases you will use your US passport, but it is really on a country by country basis. Just look at the rules and decide which passport gives you the most benefits. When entering the Philippines, I would always use the Philippine passport, though.

Good luck to you.

Thank you for dropping by, Lesther.


  1. Dariu says

    Hi Bob,
    You advised Lester -“When entering the Philippines, I would always use the Philippine passport, though”.
    What is the advantage of using the Philippine passport over using the US passport? How about when returning to US would Lester have to use the US passport? Wouldn’t there be a problem because his US passport will not show that he entered the Philippines in the first place?

    What are really the upsides of having a dual citizenship?

    • says

      Actually, Dariu, my opinion has changed since I wrote this. I would now recommend showing both passports when entering the Philippines, and authorities will stamp each.

      • ryan D says

        Bob, if i show 2 passport (US and Philippine passport) would they allow me to stay there for a long time like 4 years?

        • says

          Hi Ryan – if you show a Philippine Passport, you can stay here for as long as you want. 4 years… 40 years… it doesn’t matter. If you are a citizen, there is no time limit.

  2. Darius says

    Sorry about the typo in my name. Actually it is Darius.
    Thanks for your quick response. However you did not address my other question: What are really the upsides of having a dual citizenship?
    Is it just a sentimental gesture?

    • says

      There are lots of benefits. For example, unless you are a citizen you cannot own land in the Philippines, etc. Basically, the benefit is that you get the benefits and rights of a citizen in more than one country.

  3. schayenne says

    HI Bob. I’m Schayenne. Im a filipino American born in the USA, but now that I have seen the Philippines on my family vacation I want to study in the Philippines now. How long does it take for the process of dual citizenship? and where can I get the papers and send them to?

    • says

      Hi schayenne – Well, the first thing is to determine if you are eligible for Philippine Dual Citizenship. Have you ever been a Philippine Citizen before? If not, the Philippine Dual Citizenship law does not apply to you.

      There is one other possibility, though. You say your are Filipino American. Was either your mother or your father a Philippine Citizen on the day you were born? Or, had they been naturalized in the USA before your birth? I also need to know your age, in order to determine if there is any path to Philippine Citizenship for you.

      • schayenne says

        my mother wasnt naturalized into the USA until two years after I was born and five months after my brother was born, whichmakes my mom a filipino citizen when my brother and I were born. I am the age of 20

        • says

          Hi Schayenne – OK, thanks for the additional information. Given that your mother was a Philippine citizen on the day you were born, you have one chance for Philippine Citizenship. You need your mother to file for a late report of birth abroad. She should file with the Philippine Embassy or Consulate that serves the area where you were born. They may or may not accept the report this late, though. If they accept the report, then you will be granted your Philippine Citizen, and will be a dual citizen. If they will not accept the report, due to it’s lateness, you have no path to Philippine Citizenship.

          Good luck!

  4. says

    Hello Bob, this site is wonderful! I also have a concern. I’m a Filipina married to a Canadian.But I still don’t have a Canadian Citizenship coz we are just processing my Canadian visa. We have a daughter last year and we got her Canadian Citizenship Certificate already. WE would like her to have a dual citizenship, so we are planning to get her a Philippine and Canadian passports before we leave the Philippines. What are the procedures? Pls email me asap also for your answers.

    • says

      Hi Sandra – You didn’t really give me enough information to give you a full answer. What I will say is that if your daughter was born in the Philippines (to you as a Philippine Citizen) then your daughter is already a dual citizen. If she was born outside the Philippines, then you need to file a report of birth abroad at the Philippine Embassy or Consulate that serves the area where she was born.

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