I want my kids to be dual citizens

We got a question from Alfre today,

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Good work Feyma,

You will be Filipino again soon! Oh well, you know what I mean.

I am also seriously thinking of getting my children Phil passport/citizenship.

It is not quite straight forward so I have to check out more info. They hold British passport but both been born in the Middle East. I still have my Philippine passport but was married in the UK. I wonder if I apply for passport in the Philippines (we can only stay 1 month at most on holiday) as we are still based in the Middle East, or from Phil embassy UK (we only also stay there a couple of weeks a year). The best will be at the Phil embassy here in the country where we live, but I really can’t muster how I am going to start explaining the documents that they hold. In good time I will as I think it will be for their benefit if they so decide to live or even stay for a long period of time in their half home country.

Give us an update when you and your boys are officially bestowed your Filipino status ok.

Cheers for now,

Here’s what Feyma had to say:

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Hi Alfre – Thank you! Best bet for you is to really go to the Philippine Embassy in the Middle East and ask the person in-charge of the dual citizenship. It might be easy for your kids to get the dual since you are still a Philippine passport holder. I am just guessing here. You should try to apply the dual citizenship now before your kids turn 18 years old.

I will definitely let you guys know after we got our approval papers. Thank you for the nice comment.

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  1. brenda says

    thanks for the information you are giving you really helps alot of people
    i too have a question hope to hear your answer soon.
    ok im 22 years old student and living in the philipines for 13 years im studying and already in college my mother is an angolan citizen and my father is a filipino citizen when i was born till now. at school im having a problem cause when i ask to get a school certificate to renew my angolan passport they say that they cant do that cause i say that im a filipino citizen when i enrolled to them thats why they dint ask me for other papers. when i say that im a dual citizen and i have the right to be a filipino and angolan they tell me i cant and that i dont have any right to be a filipino even my father is a filipino cause i need a proof from BI to proof that i am consider a filipino..

    i want to know if its that true do i really need to go to BI and file for dual citizenship..?

    note: i have my NSO birth Certificate
    i have my redribbon birth certificate also
    i can get philippine passport cause my brother just did
    i live for 13 years here in Philippines
    my father is a Filipino Citizen

    do i still have no right to say that im a dual citizen or a filipino citizen?
    pls help me sir

    • says

      Hi brenda – In my opinion, you are a dual citizen already, but that is my opinion. I don’t know what your school is up to with their request, it seems strange to me. You say that you can get a Philippine Passport, if I were you I would do that. Having a Philippine passport proves beyond a doubt that you are a Philippine Citizen. That would be my recommendation to you.

      Good luck.

      • brenda says

        one more question Sir.

        do i need to show my Angola passport when getting a Philippine passport?
        cause when my brother got his they ask him to show it but since it being renew he was not able to show it but the lucky they let him pass and still get the Philippine passport. im afraid that i might not be as lucky as him and just waste my time if they wont allow me if i dint show my Angola passport.
        are i will not put in the appointment paper that i hold a foreign passport.?
        if i do that they might ask me why i dont have one since i was born there.

        plss help me

        • says

          Brenda – I am not an attorney. I am not a Philippine Government employee. I am not even Filipino. This is only my opinion. You said that you have an NSO birth certificate. If you were born in the Philippines, have an NSO birth certificate, and your birth certificate says that your father is Filipino, then it is my opinion that you can go to the NFA with your birth certificate and apply for a passport. If it were me, I would not mention anything about your Angolan passport, I would simply apply. That is my opinion only.

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