If I’m a Dual Citizen, do I have to go back to the U.S. to keep my Citizenship active?

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We got a question from Neil today,

Here’s what Neil had to say:

hi again, by the way I’m dual citizen and I’m in US right now. Also I’ve 2 passport the US passport and Philippine passport. This is a follow-up question pertaining about my departure to Philippines and I’m going to study there for 4-5years, should I go back here in US every 2years so that my citizenship will still active? and should I pay tax for the Philippines for staying long there? or should I pay tax to US for staying long for Philippines just to active my citizenship here in US?

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Here’s what Bob had to say:
Hi Neil,

If you wish to go back to the USA, that is a personal choice. But, you do not need to go back to keep your citizenship active. You will always be a citizen of the USA, unless you specifically renounce that citizenship. Even if you don’t go back for 100 years, you are still a citizen.

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  1. Totie Cantada says

    Hello Bob
    I am happily to say…I acquired my dual citizenship last April a week before I depart for the Philippines….I will be leaving in the Philippines on and off..my question to you is…..do I present my Philippine passport when I leave for USA….or my US passport…what about when I am read to come back to the Philippines…which passport do I need to present to the immigration….can I keep using my US passport Thank You

    • Totie Cantada says

      Its me again…..I will be residing in the Philippines on and of…and when I am ready to return to USA..which passport do I use….and the same way coming back from USA to the Philippines…

    • says

      Hello Totie – When you leave, you will HAVE to use your US Passport, or else you will not be allowed to go to the USA, since you won’t have a visa. Generally, I would recommend that you show both passports upon entry or exit from the Philippines.

  2. abbie says

    we returned in the philippines last year me as permanent resident in US with re entry permit that means i can stay outside US up to 2 years my problem is my baby she was born in US with US passport and i didnt report birth in phil consulate in US the problem is her balikbayan stamp would be expiring what should we do…please help as this is urgent.thanks

    • says

      Hi abbie – I would advise you to double check on your US residence. Generally, if are a permanent resident, and leave the US for 1 year or more, you stand the chance of losing your ability to return again. Aside from that… your child could stay for one year, and then you could convert her Balikbayan visa to a tourist visa and she can stay an additional 16 months with that (you’ll have to pay fees for renewal regularly, of course). Alternatively, why not just report her birth now and get dual citizenship for her?

  3. kevin says

    Hey bob,
    I’m american and my wife of course is filipino, What do we need to do to live in the philippines? is a dual citizenship really required? and we have a 3 yr old son too.

    • says

      Hi Kevin – Well, to be honest, it’s all up to you. Technically, all you have to do is hop on a plane and come. Since your wife is Filipino, you may want to apply for a resident visa for yourself – a 13(a) Resident Visa, and also for your child. It is not required, though, you can live here on a tourist visa if you wish. I think it would be best to get the resident visa, though, to avoid future hassles like constant renewals of your visa.

      File a report of birth abroad for your child, and then he will be a dual citizen, that is a great thing to do.

      For yourself, you do not qualify for dual citizenship, that is only for former filipinos, and children of filipinos.

      Good luck to you.

  4. Jose says

    Aloha Bob,
    My wife became a US citizen and now holds a Philippine dual citizenship. So…My understanding from reading above; she is allowed to stay in the Philippines as long as she wishes? No time requirement for her to return to the US? We are preparing to retire in the Philippines in the next five years or so. I’m just finishing up my time in the Navy, until I’m in the Philippines. Thanks for the 13(a) Resident Visa information, diffidently helps.

    • says

      Hi Jose – Yes, when you are a citizen of any country you can stay there as long as you please. If your wife is a US Citizen and also a Philippine Citizen she can stay in either country as long as she likes, and can come and go as often as she pleases. Never needs a visa to enter either country since she is a citizen.

  5. says

    hello i am a filipino mom and a american dad i would like to inquire about dual citizenship about my kids . my kids are us citizen but i forgot to report at the close philippine embasy at the u.s. now im leaving in the philippines. since im here in the philippines can i still report in here. i plan to make them dual citizen

    • says

      hello, the only way for your children to become dual citizens is for you to file the report of birth abroad with the Philippine Embassy or Consulate serving the area where they were born. It cannot be done here, it must be done at the proper consulate or embassy. Once you do that they will become dual citizens, but that is the only path to dual citizenship.

  6. Gary says

    Im a dual citizen fil & american and is my husband is also dual but not filipino (slovak & american) and we are planning to retire in phil..My question is can he get a permanent resident visa in phil even if he is a dual citizen for other countries?Dont wanna keep on renewing his visa…Pls advice..

  7. Sylvia Jones says

    Hello Sir,
    I am a Filipina U S citizen and have 2 kids, divorce 2 years ago, and I would like to bring my kids back home to study in the Philippines? do I need a tourist or dual citizen? please help!

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