If we became Citizens of another country before RA 9225, does that mean our Philippine Citizenship is gone?

We got a question from Mel today,

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Here’s what Mel had to say:

My family and I became citizens of another country years after RA 9225 was enacted into law. Because the Act took effect into law prior to us becoming a citizen of another country does it (RA 9225) enable us to retain our Filipino citizenship or nullifies it?

Thanks in anticipation of your response.

Here’s what Bob had to say:

When you took an oath in another country, you lost your Philippine Citizenship. However, you can apply for dual citizenship and re-acquire the citizenship, thus becoming a Dual Citizen.


  1. Lani says

    Does it mean if we acquire our citizenship from other country before R.A. 9225 our pension will be discontinued?

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