Is there a way for me to be a Philippine Citizen?

We got a question from Quincy today,

Here’s what Quincy had to say:

Hi All,
I’m alien, living, working and married to filipina, my kids already have their birth certificates.
The question is if i can have a dual-citizenship or be naturalized? base on the reasons mentioned and my stay in Philippine for about 5 years.
hence that i’m from an Arab country in GCC. but I’ve been visiting the Philippine for about 10 years

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Here’s what Bob had to say:

Hi Quincy,

You cannot be a dual citizen, because the Philippine Dual Citizenship law only applies to people who used to be Philippine Citizens, but lost it due to naturalization in another country, so that they can regain their Philippine Citizenship. Foreigners like you and I do not qualify for dual citizenship.

You can be naturalized as a Philippine Citizen, but in order to do so you must renounce your current citizenship, and be only a Philippine Citizen. You can learn more about naturalization in the Philippines at our sister site, Get Philippine Citizenship.

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