Requirements for a Dual Citizenship

Today we got a comment and question from Ailene.

Here is what Ailene had to say:

hi, i am a filipina who is married to a korean and i am a korean citizen, i stay in the phil almost 5months me and daughter had 1yer balikbayan visa and i am planning to apply phil dual cit what is the requirements needed for it?thank u!

And here is Bob’s response to Ailene:

Mindanao Bob Total Package

You should just go to the Bureau of Immigration, they will supply you with a list of everything you need, Ailene.

Thank you for visiting, Ailene, and good luck.


  1. Javah says

    Im a canadian citizen but born in the philippines.iim planning to go back in the philippines to study but i dont have time to process my dual citizenship here in canada can i just apply it when i get to the philippines? One more question if i entered phil. With a canadian passport and try to enroll in university will am i going to have a problem because i dont have a student visa.thnk you

    • says

      You can apply for dual citizenship here, but you must keep your visa active, pay extensions and such. If you want to study here you will need a student visa until your dual citizenship is approved.

  2. Roland says

    Just a clarification. If you are born in the Philippines, that does not make you a Filipino. The Philippines is based on Jus Sanguinis, meaning born by blood… therefore if you are a canadian citizen born in the Philippines, that means, your parents were Canadian Citizens, ergo not a Filipino. If one of your parents was still a Filipino upon your birth, then you can be automatically still a Filipino, and has a Filipino birth certificate stating your Filipino nationality (thru a parent), thus no need to apply for Filipino Citizenship.

    Birth in the Philippines to foreign parents does not in itself confer Philippine citizenship, although RA9139, the Administrative Naturalization Law of 2000, does provide a path for administrative naturalization of certain aliens born on Philippine soil (Jus soli). For more info visit this page

  3. Javah says

    My mom was a filipino citizen when i was born.whatvif i dont want to get a student visa and just enroll while waiting to be a dual citizen?

  4. Javah says

    My mom was a filipino citizen when i was born.what if i dont want to get a student visa and just enroll while waiting to be a dual citizen?

    • says

      Sure, go for it. Just don’t forget to apply for a student visa, because you can’t attend school without one, if you are a foreigner (and until you apply for and receive your dual citizenship, you are a foreigner).

  5. Kim juliet says

    hi! My name si juliet, I merried a korean guy about 7 years and we planning to live in phiillippine , I wanna know how can i take dual citizenship for my son and how can i tke it? he is 6 year old know . pls let me know.. thank you..

    • says

      Hi Kim – If you were a Philippine Citizen on the day your son was born, all you need to do is file a report of birth abroad with the Philippine Embassy in Seoul and your son will be recognized as a Philippine Citizen.

  6. Kim juliet says

    Do you know what is the requirement to do so? and if he is recognize as philippine citizen , can he take also koren citizen?

  7. joyce n luke says

    my partner was born in the phillipines. She became and australian citezen in australia during 2007. We have just had a baby. Firstly. Can my partner have dual Citezensahip both australian and philo?

    Secondly is my son eligable for a philo citezenship or what can he be eligable for ?

    Thanking you in advance

    • says

      Hello joyce n luke – If your partner desires to re-acquire her Philippine Citizenship, she needs to file an Application under the Philippine Dual Citizenship law. If she applies for dual citizenship, your child can be included in the application and will also become a Dual Citizen of the Philippines (not Philo, the Philippines), and of Australia.

      However, if your partner does not desire to apply for Dual Citizenship, your child has no path to Philippine Citizenship since neither the child’s mother or father was a Philippine Citizen at the time of your child’s birth.

      For details on how to file the application, where to file, and what documents are needed, please check our book, Philippine Dual Citizenship. The book is only $9.99 and can be downloaded immediately upon payment.

  8. Marisol says

    Hi ! I am looking where to download application form for dual citizen . I presently live in Korea and have korean passport . I saw one but ( made from chicago )…..

  9. Greg says

    My parents were Filipino and born in the Philippines. However, I was born in the US and they were both US citizens at the time of my birth. How can I get my dual citizenship? Is it possible? Any insight and information would be helpful. Thank you.

      • Josephine says

        hello i have the same problem. i can’t acquire dual citizenship if they were both US citizens when i was born?? my fiance is a filipino citizen does that help me in anyway?? thankyou

        • says

          Hello Josephine – Yes, if neither of your parents were Philippine citizens at the time of your birth, you cannot acquire citizenship. Being married to a Philippine Citizen shortens your time for naturalization from 10 years to five. You must live in the Philippines for 5 years before applying.

  10. Toni9p says

    Hello, I am planning on going back to the Philippines for 2 months and by that time, my baby will be here. :) I am a dual citizen and the babies daddy is Filipino citizen, now do I need to get baby a visa or will they automatically let it go because I am a dual? I plan on getting baby a dual citizenship when we get to the Philippines due to it being a faster process but exactly what do I need in terms of documentation to enter the Philippines from the airport (for baby)? Thank you! :)

    • says

      Hello Toni9p – Your baby must have a passport to enter the Philippines, or the USA, or any other country. The passport is the documentation that you must have.

      BTW, the dual citizenship is much more quickly processed in the US than here in the Philippines. My wife applied for dual citizenship here in the Philippines last June, and it still has not been issued.

      Enjoy your trip!

  11. Toni9p says

    The baby will be having a US passport, but like i said we are staying for 2 months,,,,doesn’t baby need a visa still? or is it okay because I’m a dual? Last time I entered the Philippines I had to buy a plane ticket to another country because I only had a one-way ticket.. even though I had the proof that I am a dual…

    Oh, I got my passport and documentations approved in less than a month. But I did have my them approved before hand at the Philippine Consulate in San Francisco before hand.

    Sorry many questions! :)

    • says

      When your baby enters the Philippines on a US Passport, he will be issued a 21 day visa at the airport. This visa can be extended up to 16 months. First extension will be good for up to 59 days.

      If you have a Philippine passport when you enter, you do not need an ongoing ticket. If you don’t have a Philippine passport to present, you are required to have an ongoing ticket.

      Good luck.

  12. billy says

    Hello. I am a Canadian citizen and I am born here but I have dual citizenship by my parents which are Macedonians. I want to merry my boyfriend which is Macedonian. As far as I know, I must go back there and get engaged so I could bring him here in Canada or is there some other way (ex. can he comes here and get married with me and stay legal)?

  13. mau says

    hi, just wanna ask, how long will it take when my frnd from canada who’s canadian citizen but have filipino parents will apply for dual citizenship? she wants to stay here for good.

    • says

      Hi Mau – It does not take long to apply, but I suspect you are actually asking how long it will take for the application to be approved, am I right? My wife recently applied for Philippine Dual Citizenship, and it took 9 months for it to be approved.

  14. mau says

    OMG! that long? so she have to apply for the extensions right?? how can she find a job is she’s not filipino citizen?!

  15. jonah says

    hi.,My son is in the Philippines right now and he was born in the u.s so i’m paying for he’s extension every 6 months i figured out that is too much for me,so i’m planning to apply for a dual citizen for both of us the problem is i’m a u.s citizen before he was born. And he’s in the phil. right now while i’m here in california and all of his important document are here with me,can i apply a dual citizenship without his presence?and what is the requirements?

    • says

      Hi Jonah – If your son is currently under the age of 18, then you can apply for Dual Citizenship and include him in your application. If he is already older than 18, he is no longer eligible for Philippine Dual Citizenship.

  16. hc says

    Just thought this might be helpful!

    Item VII is for dual citizens. If you came into the Philippines using your foreign passport and plan to stay more than a year, you don’t need to extend the balikbayan visa or get any other visa provided you show proof that you’re a dual citizen (passport and/or IC) when you leave (or pay a fine of P710). If you show both passports when you arrive, they write IC or PP on your foreign passport :)

    “Filipinos with dual or multiple citizenship, who represents a foreign passport, may be admitted for an indefinite period of stay, being a Filipino, provided, he/she possesses and shows a genuine and valid Philippine passport and/or Identification Certificate. “

  17. blinjet says

    hello sir, my husband and I are planning to get married in the PI. Since were already married in america I was wondering what requirements we need to get second wedding in the PI. thank you

    • says

      I am sorry, binjet, but this site is really not about marriage in the Philippines, and I do not have the answer to your question. In my opinion, you are not getting married in the Philippines, only renewing vows that have already been accomplished, and you should need no paperwork at all, since legally this is not a wedding, only a renewal of vows.

  18. Luke and joyce says

    It’s luke and joyce again. If my partner does in fact apply for dual citizenship and my son is also accepted on the application does this mean we as a family can stay in the philippines for as long as we want? Me being Australian citizen can we live in the philippines should she be accepted as a dual citizen?

    • says

      I don’t know what your citizenship is, Luke, but if you are not a Philippine citizen then you will need a visa to stay here permanently. I recommend you Look into getting a 13 a visa for that.

  19. Luke and joyce says

    Im Australian citizen but both my wife and son have dual citizenship. Later downs the track we may want to live in the philippines. Given there citizen ship status dual both Australian and philippines what does this mean for use should we want to live there. I am Australian citizen

    • says

      Your wife and child could live here as long as they wish since they would be citizens. As I said before, you will need a visa to live in the Philippines. I recommend a 13a resident visa.

  20. masing says

    I am a filipino citizen and married here in korea(korean) I am planning to visit philippines with my 3 kids.can my 3 kids stay in the philippines for 6 moths without visa?.pls I need your good advice.

    • says

      Did you file a report of birth abroad with the Philippine Embassy when each of your kids were born? If so, they are Philippine Citizens and can stay as long as they wish. If you did not file, then your kids will need proper visas to stay that long. If you did not file, you can still do it, and get the Philippine Citizenship that your kids deserve.

  21. elizah says

    I am a Canadian Citizen by birth. My parents are both Filipinos by blood but were naturalized in Canada before I was born.I am currently studying in the Philippines.But I have problems in applying for my student visa because I have no naturalization papers of my parents which are required by the immigration. They were separated a long time ago and I was under the care of my Grandma . What will I do?Can I apply for a dual Citizenship to continue my studies? This is my last year in school and I really want to Graduate.

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