What are the disadvantages of being a Dual Citizen?

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Hello Bob,

A friend gave me something to think about, and while we think that the Philippines’ dual citizenship law is good especially for Filipinos who have “lost” their citizenship while staying abroad, would you say there may be disadvantages of formally joining this bandwagon (openly declaring being a dual citizen recognized by the Philippine government)? For example, the possibility of the government amending the law that’s disadvantageous to those who

have opted to become “dual citizens”?

Just thinking of what could hypothetically happen here. I’m a Canadian and Philippine passport holder myself, but I haven’t gone out and join this “dual citizenship” thing by the government as I’m still skeptical about it. Well, here’s my other question: when traveling to and from Canada (from the Philippines), I understand it’s pretty standard to show the Philippine passport when leaving and entering the Philippines, and use the Canadian passport when leaving and entering Canada (this is if I want to be recognized as citizens of each country respectively). The Canadian side’s given me no problems when traveling to and from there. But the Philippine side’s always looking for an exit stamp from another country when arriving (Canada side doesn’t stamp). Is this a normal occurrence? and what are my options while faced with this scenario?

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I am aware of no disadvantaged to dual citizenship.

When you enter or leave the Philippines, I would recommend showing both of your passports.

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  1. Jason says

    There are traditionally two disadvantages of dual citizenship irrespective of the countries involved. Firstly that you are eligible for military call up in time of war by either country, and secondly the country of one of your citizenships will not help you in problems involving the government of the country of other of your citizenships in the way it might with any other third country government.

  2. Ed says

    Reading the comments (thanks) I see that there’s really no downside to acquiring Philippines citizenship. In the case of war, if it’s so bad that they really need to call up a “senior” to defend the country, they’ll need to go find me on the front lines already defending my family, neighbours, and friends as best I can. What would _you_ do if that happened, eh?
    As for political office, I’m quite happy letting my wife shoulder that.

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