What does Dual Citizenship mean for the spouse?

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We got a question from Darryl today,

Here’s what Darryl had to say:

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I read the requirements for someone to become a dual citizen. What does it mean for the spouse of that person?

Here’s what Bob had to say:
Dual Citizenship is only open for a person who is a former Philippine Citizen. For a spouse, like you, if you have ever been a Philippine Citizen in the past and gave it up to become naturalized in another country, then you can become a dual citizen in the Philippines. However, if you have never before been a Philippine Citizen, then you are not eligible for Philippine Dual Citizenship.

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  1. Janine camille abines says

    Hello there! I just want to ask cause it really bothered me a lot regarding my identity. I was born in chicago il. Us. When i was 6months old my grandmother took me from chicago and i grew up here in the philippines and never got the chance to go back to chicago. Am i still dual citizen?

    • says

      You are an American citizen based on the fact that you were born in the USA. If your parents were Filipino Citizens when you were born, then you can be a Philippine Citizen as well.

  2. im sajjad sarwar butt says

    im sajjad butt
    i have one question to u
    i m citizen of pakistan and im married here in pakistan with philppina
    can i apply for citizenship of philppines to stay there long time
    and can i apply for philppines passport if i go to philppines and do marry there again thnx

    • says

      No, you are not currently eligible to be a Philippine Citizen. Your first step is that you need to live in the Philippines for a minimum of 5 years first, before applying.

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