What is it?

What is Dual Citizenship?

As the name implies, dual citizenship is the act of being a citizen of two different countries simultaneously.  Many countries do recognize or allow dual citizenship.  Some countries do not allow dual citizenship.  The United States allows dual citizenship, although it does not encourage it.  However, under current law, Dual Citizenship is allowed for those who are US Citizens.

The Philippines, allows it’s former citizens to take advantage of Dual Citizenship by offering them the ability to re-acquire their Philippine Citizenship after being naturalized in another country.

What is Philippine Dual Citizenship?

In 2004, after a long debate in the Philippine Legislature, the country adopted a new law that pertains to Dual Citizenship.

Filipinos taking the oath

Filipinos taking the oath

Because the Philippines is a country that sends a lot of it’s citizens overseas, mostly as workers (Overseas Filipino Workers, or OFW’s), many Filipinos end up becoming naturalized citizens of the country where they have gone to work or for whatever purpose in their life.  Because of the large number of Filipinos who had lost their Philippine citizenship through becoming naturalized in another country, the Philippines decided to give these former Philippine Citizens the opportunity to re-acquire their Philippine Citizenship while still retaining their foreign citizenship as well.  With that thought, the Philippine Dual Citizenship law, RA 9225 was born.

If you avail of the Philippine Dual Citizenship law you can re-acquire your Philippine Dual Citizenship while still retaining your foreign citizenship as well.  So, once your application is accepted and you go through all of the steps, you will be a dual citizen – a citizen of two different countries simultaneously.

Stuffed Animal Delivery in the Philippines

Re-acquiring your Philippine Citizenship is quite simple in most cases.  You can do it at any Philippine Embassy or Consulate anywhere in the world.  Alternatively you can do it in the Philippines, working through the Bureau of Immigration, and ultimately with the Department of Foreign Affairs as well.

If you have questions related to obtaining Philippine Dual Citizenship, please submit your question to us, and we will gladly help you as much as we can with the answers.  We are not lawyers, but always do our best to provide you with accurate information to the best of our ability.  In the end, our assistance is our opinion, and should not be considered an offer of legal assistance.